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Our Conference Rooms

We offer conference rooms for up to 55 persons, as well as smaller, exclusive meeting rooms with boardroom arrangement, for example. The historic and homely conference rooms, all named after places of great importance in Lord Nelson’s life, are all filled with the owner family’s private collection of antiques. In our beautiful gallery we serve breakfast, mid-morning fika (Swedish coffee break), lunch and afternoon fika. Here, you can enjoy a short breather in the company of our galleon figures. We offer both half and whole day packages with home baked fika and delicious, ecological, family style lunches. If you would like to include dinner or a drink in one of our popular restaurants and bars, or finish the day with a joint activity, we'd gladly help out with this. And if some of your delegates need to spend the night in conjunction with the meeting, we can offer a comfortable stay in the hotel you'll find just across the street from our meeting rooms.