Discover Old Town

1. Walking in Old Town

Step outside of our hotels and you will find surroundings just as unique. Don’t miss the opportunity to look around Old Town or pay a visit to Stockholm Cathedral, the Royal Palace, the Royal Armoury, the Nobel Museum or the Royal Coin Cabinet. Or how about a guided tour, with or without ghosts, on the streets or on the rooftops.

2. Other Fun Activities in Old Town

It’s not easy to find, but once you do find Mårten Trotzig’s alley, you are looking at the narrowest alley in Stockholm, only 90 centimetres wide. If you want to continue on the small scale, head to the courtyard of the Finnish church where you will find Järnpojke (Iron Boy), also known as "Little boy looking at the Moon" by the artist Liss Eriksson. But pay attention – the sculpture is only 15 centimetres tall, which makes it the smallest public monument in Sweden.