Tweed - Our Comfortable Bar

Tweed is the name of our wonderful and comfortable bar. Beyond the dining rooms of Djuret, our cosy drinking parlour nestles like a warm inner pocket. Take a moment to relax in this tweed-clad lounge, place yourself in one of our fine Chesterfield armchairs and indulge in a drink or two. You might even want to stay all night!

We recommend that you reserve your armchair in advance to be certain to get a place during your stay with us.

We also offer gift cards if you want to invite your partner or best friend to a night with us.

From April 9th, our Tweed Bar and restaurant Asador La Niña will be closed for renovation. During spring and fall, a new restaurant part Trabidor will be built, as well as a long awaited liquor library for Tweed. Welcome back after the summer!